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Welcome to Proactive Consultancy

Proactive Consultancy are a leading practice of accountants in Ruislip, Middlesex giving trusted advice to businesses and individuals.

"Nothing is certain but death and taxes" Benjamin Franklin

"Keep what you earn with us"

If liability to tax is avoided because statutes as written and correctly interpreted according to legal precedent means that logically taxes need not be paid

Comments similar to "tax avoidance dodges" or "tax lost" through avoidance are self contradictory. Indeed they are often used as code words for denigrating our profession.

The growth rate of tax advice services is directly proportional to the exponential increase in poorly drafted, ill-considered legislation rudely enforced, and so rightly deserving of rigorous challenge.

We do not apologise for carrying out a service (invigorated by parliamentary inefficiency) enforcing the rights of the taxpayer and even more so our clients & prospects.

but now ....

"Only Death is certain as paying tax is an alternative we provide to our contacts and clients!"

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